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Germany, one of the liveliest and most dynamic centres of Europe, is the most important market in the region for fairs and exhibitions with great potential for foreign products and services. The capital city of Berlin is a cultural and administrative centre and has become more and more of an economic hub; an important place to enter the market for Germany, Europe and international contacts.

We take professional care to present your product, your brand or your event in Germany in order to ensure it is outstandingly and successfully presented.

The chances are promising, but at the same time there are big challenges. To be successful you need the right partner who knows both the German and Brazilian side of business. Berlin Events Management is that partner. Our specialised consultants support and organise all the steps of your product, from the planning and conception to the execution.


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A multilingual team that is intimately familiar with Germany and Brazil

The managing partner of Berlin Event Management, Helena Weinsheimer, born in Brazil and has lived for more than 25 years in Germany. She knows both cultures, both types of work, what the challenges are in the German market and how to overcome them. Helena relies on extensive professional experience in events, fairs and exhibitions in the German capital, Berlin.

“Germany is the engine of Europe with many options, but what is important to know is how to enter this market, who the right partner could be and how to develop a sustainable business.” (Helena Weinsheimer)

Helena Weinsheimer


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